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Avalanche Quartz

Avalanche Quartz

Avalanche Quartz Worktops: Exquisite. Refined. Understated.

An avalanche quartz worktop will bring an instant zest to your room. With its crisp white colouring, subtle grey veins, and polished texture, it looks incredible when matched with natural materials such as wood, metal, and brick, but is equally at home complimenting bold colours and high gloss kitchen and bathroom cabinets.  

Fugen quartz is widely regarded as the premier supplier to use for premium quality quartz worktops, so that’s why we choose to source from them when we are helping you to visualise, design, and create your dream worktop surface. Fugen stone reviews praise their appearance, quality, and 15-year guarantee, so you know that when you get an avalanche quartz worktop from Eden Worktops, you are only getting the best-of-the-best. 

In addition to looking incredible, Fugen avalanche quartz is known for its durability, resistance to scuffing and scratching, and ease of maintenance, making it the perfect material to use in kitchen worktops. We’re also seeing more demand for avalanche granite countertops in bathrooms, as its natural colouring gives the illusion of making the space seem so much larger than it is. It’s also ludicrously easy to keep clean and won’t absorb water, making it the perfect material to use in a bathroom/wetroom environment.  

Avalanche quartz worktops are one of our favourite products to install, as the finished result is simply gorgeous. For all its physical rigidity, it’s a beautiful material to craft with and will instantly make any room all the more elegant for its inclusion. For more information on how you can incorporate Fugen quartz worktops into your kitchen or bathroom design, get in touch and let us show you how to use this gorgeous material to its full potential.   



The name of this quartz should give you an idea of why this particular material is so popular. Avalanche Quartz Fugen-Stone is known for its distinctive thin, mottled grey veins that complement the enchanting main off-white colour of the slab. This really is the classic expensive-looking work surface which oozes class.

This quartz can literally enhance the look and perceived value of anything that you choose to pair with it, including natural wood, paint, high gloss, glass, metal and porcelain.


The different Silestone thicknesses are a perfect solution for your countertop, flooring and siding, 2cm and 3 cm are our proposals.

stone thickness

Thicknesses available

2 cm
3 cm

Edge profiles

The design possibilities of Eden are endless, know the options in edges for your kitchen or bathroom countertop.

Square edge type


Bull nose edge type


Pencil Nose

Pencil round

Shark nose

Sharks nose

Demi Bull Nose

Demi bullnose




Double ogee



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