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Lumina Whiteswan Kitchen Worktop

Lumina Stone

To give the impression of natural stone, Lumina surfaces are crafted out of 93% quartz, combined with a range of polymer blend properties. This engineered stone is low maintenance, resistant to stains and long-lasting.

All of our Lumina worktops are cut to size and tailored to each project to ensure the perfect product for your needs. Get in touch with one of our experts today to learn more about our Lumina Stone quartz surfaces and the benefits Lumina Stone brings to your kitchen.

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    Lumina Stone Surfaces Collection

    Eden Worktops works directly with Lumina Stone to supply kitchen worktop designs that are equally as stylish as they are durable.




    quartz bathroom white

    Neo collection

    The Neo collection comes in a range of diverse hues and unique designs. It is an excellent option for those looking for work surfaces that are luxurious, stylish and functional. Lumina stone brings illuminating style to neutral and elegant spaces.

    grey quartz sink

    Opticks collection

    The Opticks collection comes in the shape of an elegant yet neutral collection and is a great option for delivering classic style.

    cream quartz kitchen

    Veritas collection

    With its authentic hues, Lumina Stone’s Veritas collection brings a more natural and raw appeal.

    brown quartz bathroom

    Voltaire collection

    The Voltaire collection Lumina Stone offers is the preferred choice of those who live in a cosmopolitan home.

    With its unique composition and upbeat, bolder colours, its physical characteristics promise to transform any home into a fresh, new, and interesting space.

    Luxury Bathroom Worktops

    A Colour To Match Any Style And Interior

    Lumina Stone can be accentuated with various hues through pigmentation, meaning there is a style and colour to suit every interior.

    Add definition to your kitchen or bathroom with quality Lumina Stone.

    black granite sink


    Astral White

    Bianco Venatino

    Calacatta Champagne

    Calacatta Regal

    Coral Ash Matt

    Coral Naturale Matt


    Silver Birch

    Snow Flake

    Soapstone Matt

    Statuario Classic

    Statuario Mirage

    Statuario Venato

    Super White

    Superwhite Marble Matt

    White Sand

    White Swan

    Benefits Of Lumina Stone Quartz Worktops

    One of the biggest selling points of Lumina Stone worktops is their durability. Once in place, these countertops and worksurfaces will stand the test of time.

    Their slabs are not only heavy-duty, but they are polished to perfection and boast a quality shine. Lumina stone combines the toughness of quartz with the quality of polymer amalgams. The result? A low-maintenance product that boasts a lifetime warranty.


    Lumina Stone combines the durability of designer stone yet boasts the appearance of natural stone. As a result, Lumina quartz is one of the toughest countertops on the market today.

    Low maintenance

    Lumina Stone worktops require almost no maintenance and resist staining, and they are also backed by a lifetime warranty.


    Lumina Stone worksurfaces are manufactured to stand the test of time. Don’t be fooled by their fashionable shine; their incomparable quality means this high-end artificial stone is extremely hard-wearing and promises to last as long as the room you place them in.


    This is one of the only stone slabs on the market that resists staining. In fact, it can withstand a wide range of chemicals. This is one of the reasons it comes with a Lifetime Stain Warranty.

    white granite bathroom

    NEOS Technology

    NEOS, also known as Nano Enhancement of Surfaces, comes in the form of high performance, scientifically formulated stain deterrent technology. It has been fashioned specifically for Lumina Stone surfaces.

    Although you can’t see this technology, NEOS features a hybrid protectant resistant to stains. As well as protecting polished worktops from wear and tear, they are also protected from the likes of acid corrosion.

    How does NEOS work? A microscopic layer of particles fills the pores on the stone’s surface. This means it can withstand numerous chemicals and stains.

    The best part? NEOS lasts for the lifetime of your worktop.


    Is Lumina Stone NFS certified?

    Yes, this high-performance stone is NFS certified. What does this mean? It’s safe to place food on and eat directly from. This gives those that use it in their kitchen environment peace of mind.

    What can I use to clean my Lumina Stone quartz worktop?

    If you accidentally spill something on your worktop, avoid using any abrasive material to clean it, and instead, reach for a soft cloth, such as a microfibre cloth. Try to use two cloths, a wet cloth to clean and a dry one to buff.

    Why use a microfibre cloth to keep your surfaces clean? They’re extremely absorbent and therefore won’t leave any kind of watermark.

    Alternatively, opt for a polishing cloth that specifically makes Lumina Stone shine. No product other than water is required.

    Are Lumina Stone quartz worktops heat-resistant?

    Lumina combines natural materials and inorganic minerals encased in an extremely compact work surface. Lumina comes in the shape of a scratch-resistant, non-porous, UV stable, impact and heat-resistant material. Don’t put hot pans directly on the surface if you can avoid it, but it will withstand accidents.

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