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White Shimmer Quartz

White Shimmer Quartz


If you appreciate a little glamour without being too ostentatious, then this is the worktop for you. This quartz worktop will light up any space you choose to use it in. Its gentle, milky-white tones are made even more appealing due to the silver mirror glitter particles that are subtly flaked throughout the quartz. Once overhead lighting hits this worktop and reflects off the mirrored particles, the whole surface springs into life.  A beautiful choice for kitchens, bathrooms and vanity rooms, White Shimmer Quartz Fugen-Stone will make any room seem instantly brighter, larger, and more impressive.


The different Silestone thicknesses are a perfect solution for your countertop, flooring and siding, 2cm and 3 cm are our proposals.

stone thickness

Thicknesses available

2 cm
3 cm

Edge profiles

The design possibilities of Eden are endless, know the options in edges for your kitchen or bathroom countertop.

Square edge type


Bull nose edge type


Pencil Nose

Pencil round

Shark nose

Sharks nose

Demi Bull Nose

Demi bullnose




Double ogee



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