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Quartz Worktops

The huge variety of different styles and colours it comes in make quartz ideal for kitchen worktops.

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    How Are Quartz Worktops Made?

    A quartz worktop starts life as a basic mineral, which is mined. That mineral is then ground into an aggregate and, to turn it into a hard and durable work surface, it is fused with resin under intense heat and pressure.

    During the manufacturing process, pigments are added to provide a stunning finish.

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    Why Choose A Quartz Worktop?

    Wide range of colour options

    Quartz comes in a variety of different colours and patterns, making it a great-looking choice for your home. You can opt for a traditional style or something more modern and sophisticated, depending on your preferences.

    Quartz is so versatile and has so many different organic patterns that its gorgeous black and white veining can provide a similar look to granite or marble.

    White quartz can compliment darker interiors, whereas darker quartz worktops bring something contemporary and striking to your kitchen or bathroom. When it comes to quartz, there are colour options to suit a variety of tastes.

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    Durable & Low Maintenance

    Quartz is one of the most durable materials in the world, which helps make quartz worktops one of the easiest types of work surfaces to maintain. Quartz is practically scratch-, heat- and stain-proof, and as well as the fact that it doesn’t require sealing, it is incredibly easy to clean and keep in pristine condition over a long period of time.

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    As a more affordable alternative to marble, quartz worktops are one of the most reasonably priced and great value for money options you can choose.

    If you’re on a budget but still want a high-quality looking kitchen, quartz worktops are ideal.

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    Increases Home Value

    As quartz worktops are so durable and affordable, you could make a great return on investment for your home as these worktops are sure to impress potential home-buyers.

    Quartz worktops are considered very valuable and their high-quality, stylish finish can seriously boost a home’s value.

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    Types of Quartz Worktops


    Cream quartz worktops are a stunning addition to any kitchen. If you have an all cream kitchen, you could opt for another shade of cream but with some additional veining or flecks.

    Cream Quartz Worktops
    quartz bathroom white


    Grey quartz worktops add a contemporary feel to any kitchen space. Classic and beautiful.

    Grey Quartz Worktops
    grey quartz bathroom

    White quartz worktops

    White quartz worktops are a classic addition to any contemporary kitchen. Stylish and sophisticated.

    White Quartz Worktops
    quartz bathroom white

    Black quartz worktops

    Black quartz worktops are a statement piece for homeowners. Durable, moisture-resistant and low maintenance, black quartz is an ideal choice for those who don’t want to spend a lot of time on its upkeep.

    Black Quartz Worktops
    Contemporary Bathroom

    Brown Quartz Worktops

    Brown quartz is a stylish choice for kitchen and bathroom worktops, particularly when used to contrast neutral, cream interior designs.

    Brown Quartz Worktops
    brown quartz bathroom

    What Is Quartz?

    Quartz is a form of igneous rock made up of oxygen and silicon atoms. It can take many different forms, including amethyst, onyx and rose quartz. In its pure form, it is transparent with a very hard texture.

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    Quartz Worktop FAQs

    How long do quartz worktops last?

    A quartz worktop will generally last 15 years or more due to the material’s durability.

    What types of quartz are there?

    Common types of quartz include onyx, amethyst, agate, jasper, carnelian, tiger’s eye, ametrine and more. See swatches of our full range here.

    Is quartz resistant to heat?

    Quartz is very resistant to heat but it can still be damaged by a thermal shock if you suddenly put a red-hot pan on it. So you should still take precautions when placing hot pots and pans on the surface. Using a surface protector can prevent unfortunate accidents.

    Are quartz worktops more expensive than granite?

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