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Cambria Kitchen Worktops

Cambria Quartz Worktops

Cambria Stone is available in a variety of designs, including various thicknesses and 19 edge profiles.

This surface option also comes in numerous finishes comprising matte, high gloss and our renowned new finish, Cambria Satin Ridge™.

All of the finishes boast impressive durability, are easy-to-care-for, stain-resistant and are virtually maintenance-free.

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    A Variety Of Design Options From Cambria

    Edge profiles

    You can choose from 19 edges in total. Simply select your preferred design, an edge and a height to complete your order.

    grey granite bathroom


    There are three finishes available in total:

    Cambria Satin Ridge™

    This iconic finish is new to the range and embodies a bold style with an attractive texture, which adds a rich dimension to the aesthetics of the Cambria finish.

    Cambria Matte™

    As you’d expect, the Cambria Matte finish boasts a low-sheen, silky-smooth finish.

    High Gloss

    Offering unrivalled brightness and depth, Cambria’s finish in high gloss is a radiant option and one that boasts many possibilities for a focal point.

    white granite kitchen


    Cambria offers several thicknesses, comprising one, two and three cms. Certain designs are also available in a thickness of 6mm – an ideal option for weight-sensitive projects, including thermoforming, backlighting, and wall cladding.

    Grey Quartz Counter

    Choose From A Wide Range Of Cambria Worktop Colours

    The beauty of quartz is the many colours it comes in, meaning there is a countertop to suit all tastes, irrespective of whether you’re dressing a modern or traditional space. There are Cambria Quartz colours to suit all kitchens and bathrooms.

    black granite bathroom





















    Brittanicca Gold



    The Benefits Of Cambria Quartz Worktops

    Quartz boasts numerous benefits, so Cambria surfaces have high stain resistance and intense durability.


    Unlike granite, Cambria boasts impressive resistance to chips and scratches, meaning you’ll find it very hard to stain.


    Cambria stone doesn’t require regular polishing or sealing, unlike marble and granite. If you do spill moisture on the surface, such as messy oils, simply wipe it away with a soft cloth and clean, warm water.
    Tough and durable

    When you invest in an item of beauty, you want it to last. One of quartz’s biggest selling points is its durability. The countertops are resistant to chips, stains, and scratches.

    When you purchase a quartz countertop from our company, you can expect to enjoy it for years. It’s a great alternative to marble and granite, especially if you’re looking for a product that comes with a lifetime warranty.

    Food safe

    Unlike various other stones on the market, such as granite, Cambria quartz surfaces are non-porous, making them non-absorbent and safe for raw food.

    cream quartz sink

    Caring For Your Cambria Quartz Worktops

    Cleaning Cambria quartz countertops is easy. To remove spillages, use warm water and a soft cloth – no dangerous chemicals needed. Looking to give your countertop a more intense cleaning? Invest in a stone cleaner.

    white quartz counter

    Cambria Quartz Guarantee

    Cambria stone boasts a transferable lifetime warranty. This warranty applies to manufacturing flaws or faults. This allows for peace of mind and will enable you to use your new countertop with confidence.

    Should your Cambria surface become damaged, get in touch with one of our Customer Care Specialists, who will happily assist you in submitting a claim.

    Minimal bathroom
    white quartz sink

    Cambria Sustainability Commitment

    Cambria is a keen ambassador for the environment. As a family-owned company native to America, it is intent on adhering to the well-being needs of its staff, clients and community.

    To ensure sustainability, Cambria takes solid steps to ensure its water usage, transportation, power generation, tooling processes, lighting design, and materials are all sustainably sourced and administered.

    Cambria is grateful to be able to work with a unique material such as quartz – a resource that is both precious and durable. To manufacture this product sustainably, it ensures its community stewardship marries that of the environment.


    Is Cambria quartz heat resistant?

    Cambria stone is renowned for its resistance to heat. However, it is not entirely heat-proof, which means you should avoid placing pans with hot bases directly on the surface of your countertop.

    Quartz surfaces, however, are much more resistant to heat than weaker minerals such as granite or marble.

    Is Cambria quartz safe for food preparation?

    Cambria offers a safe surface to prepare food upon and is NSF Certified. This means it won’t harbour bacteria.

    Do you need to seal Cambria quartz?

    The simple answer? No. Cambria quartz surfaces don’t require polishing or periodic sealing and are very low maintenance. Marble and granite typically require both.

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