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From cleverly crafted quartz to hardwearing marble, granite, marble, and porcelain, FugenStone worktops offer something to suit all. Whether fashioning your dream bathroom or kitchen, a premium worktop promises to become a focal point in your room, adding both style and sophistication.

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    A Variety Of FugenStone Colours And Finishes

    Fugen granite and quartz worktops come in a range of hues, ranging from sophisticated white to stunning blue shades to corals, golds and blacks – there is a hue to suit all personalities and all kitchens or bathrooms.

    We can even match FugenStone products to the colour of your existing cabinets, tables, chairs and flooring. To discuss the many options in further detail, speak to a member of our team today.


    Fugenstone colours

    Arabesque Quartz


    Avalanche Quartz Kitchen Worktop


    Black shimmer Quartz

    Black Shimmer

    Calacatta Ore Quartz

    Calacatta Ore

    Carrara Satinato Quartz Kitchen Worktop

    Carrara Satinato

    Carrara Quartz


    Cream Mirror Quartz

    Cream Mirror

    Eternal Quartz


    Euphrates Quartz


    Florence Quartz


    Grey Mirror Quartz

    Grey Mirror

    Light Grey Quartz

    Light Grey

    Pietra Grey Quartz


    Superior Calacatta Quartz

    Superior Calacatta

    White Galaxy Quartz

    White Galaxy

    Benefits Of FugenStone Worktops

    Asides from the aesthetics, FugenStone quality worktops boast many benefits, all for an affordable price. They’re heat, stain and scratch-resistant, making them almost maintenance-free.


    Fugen quartz is heat-resistant. However, you should still avoid placing hot pots and pans on the surface. Extremely high temperatures of over 150 degrees Celsius can cause damage, such as discolouration or scorch marks.

    Stone Kitchen Worktops


    One of the beauties of Fugen quartz is that it is moisture-resistant without the need to be sealed. Despite this, if you spill the likes of red wine, coffee or tea on your quartz countertop, it is important to clean the spillage immediately using a soft cloth and warm water.
    Alternatively, invest in a quality FugenStone cleaner to keep your worktop looking its best.

    Luxury Stone Work Surfaces


    Despite its affordable price, quartz is extremely durable, and although it isn’t entirely scratch-proof, it is scratch-resistant. Providing you don’t treat your quartz counter as a cutting board, it will stay in tip-top condition for many years.

    Luxurious Bathroom Worktops

    Easy to clean

    Due to the non-porous nature of quartz, it doesn’t need to be sealed. This makes it very easy to maintain and clean, and of course, it is resistant to a variety of stains. In fact, it is one of the most durable products on the market, if not the world.

    Luxury Stone Kitchen Countertops


    Are FugenStone surfaces heat resistant?

    FugenStone surfaces can withstand extremely high temperatures without losing their original texture, making them ideal for busy kitchens.

    Are FugenStone surfaces easy to clean?

    FugenStone surfaces are non-porous, meaning they will not absorb liquids and will remain hygienic and bacteria-free. This makes these surfaces really easy to clean, with minimal maintenance required.

    Why choose FugenStone?

    FugenStone provides a range of beautiful worktops in both glossy and matte finishes, depending on your preferences. FugenStone is a leading quartz and granite supplier of worktops, allowing you to create the aesthetic you desire in any living space.

    Contact Us To Find Out More About FugenStone Worksurfaces

    Whether you’re unsure of which Fugen worktop to opt for, the sizing, the process or the costs involved, our Eden Worktop specialists are here to help. As top suppliers of both commercial and domestic granite and quartz worktops, we’re happy to advise our customers on anything they need to know.

    To learn more about our company, our supplier relations and the many durable products we offer, give a member of our UK-based team a call today on 01226 293044.