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Nevern Quartz

Nevern Quartz


Nevern Quartz has a creamy beige background with a combination of darker and lighter beige and black dots scattered throughout its surface. Its earthy tones work extremely well when installed alongside other earthy tones, such as natural wood, but it is equally at home atop gleaming white cabinets and cupboards. 

Quartz is the perfect material to use in either a bathroom or a kitchen because of its durability. It won’t go mouldy as it is completely sealed, it won’t scratch or scuff, and it won’t warp or burn with heat. 


The different Silestone thicknesses are a perfect solution for your countertop, flooring and siding, 2cm and 3 cm are our proposals.

stone thickness

Thicknesses available

2 cm
3 cm

Edge profiles

The design possibilities of Eden are endless, know the options in edges for your kitchen or bathroom countertop.

Square edge type


Bull nose edge type


Pencil Nose

Pencil round

Shark nose

Sharks nose

Demi Bull Nose

Demi bullnose




Double ogee



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